CEPRES Partnership


The AIC has partnered with CEPRES – a global leader in investment decision analytics for private capital markets. CEPRES’ interactive online platform and expert solutions synthesize 40 years of investment expertize with deep data mining of track records and investee companies. Through CEPRES, GP decision makers can better communicate their strengths with investors and dramatically improve the efficiency of the due diligence process.

About PE.Analyzer

PE.Analyzer is a Fintech platform and part of the CEPRES Investment Decision product family. PE.Analyzer combines the thought-leadership of over 400 leading LPs, and delivers GPs deep insights into the LP Due diligence process and parameters driving their commitment decisions. Via the platform, GPs can see how LPs will evaluate their track record, benchmark their funds, deals and portfolio companies and using private data rooms permission their LPs to share their track record and dramatically increase efficiency of due diligence requests.

Free AIC Member-Only AIC PE.Analyzer

1) Secure data rooms to upload track record data in full privacy

2) Enhanced One-Click LP Screening Sheet as used by ILPA members that enables GPs to get a first insight on the LPs’ due diligence view

3) LP-centric Track Record verification & optimization for GPs, including all relevant risk and return analyses of track record, such as:

  • Fund and deal capital deployment
  • Deal geographic and industry exposure
  • Fund and Deal returns by year
  • Default, loss and recovery analysis
  • Fund and deal J-Curve analysis
  • PME analysis to major world markets
  • Return distribution analysis

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