American Investment Council white papers offer a detailed analysis of a variety of important issues involving the economy and private equity investments.

Business Tax Reform and the Tax Treatment of Debt

Publish Year:

by Drs. Robert Carroll and Thomas Neubig of Ernst & Young finds limiting the deductibility of corporate interest expenses to pay for a revenue neutral reduction in the corporate income tax rate would adversely affect investment and potentially reduce economic growth in the U.S.

The Role of Private Equity Sector Promoting Economic Recovery

Publish Year:

finds that following the past five periods of negative growth in the U.S., private equity investment was substantially stronger than overall business investment and private investment in manufacturing.

American Jobs and the Impact of Private Equity Transactions

Publish Year:

finds that within two years of being acquired by private equity firms, companies experienced job gains that exceeded their initial job losses, as well as job gains by other companies in the same sector.

Strengthening U.S. Competitiveness in the Global Economy

Publish Year:

by noted economists Martin N. Baily and Matthew J. Slaughter, examines the critical issues facing the U.S. as it seeks to maintain and strengthen its global economic leadership in the 21st Century.

Public Value: A Primer on Private Equity

Publish Year:

explores the contributions that private equity investment firms make to the global economy and detail the manner in which private equity firms strengthen companies and deliver superior returns to their investors.

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