Private equity-backed businesses employ millions of Americans and bolster the retirement of public servants across the country, including fire fighters, teachers, police officers, and first responders in all 50 states. As the 2020 presidential election unfolds, the AIC is highlighting the positive economic impact the private equity industry has in America, and its benefit to […]

Des Moines, IA – Private equity plays a vital role in strengthening the economy in Iowa and across the United States. Every day in communities across this state, local businesses partner with private equity to help them unlock and reach their full economic potential. According to a new EY report, private equity supported 313,000 jobs and […]

Private equity is a driving force for economic opportunity Roll Call By Drew Maloney, AIC President and CEO October 21, 2019 Ambitious new programs are central to every presidential campaign, on the right or the left. Whether it’s a border wall or universal health care, voters want to hear what candidates will do and how […]