On Wednesday, October 17th, the American Investment Council submitted the letter of comment to officials at the Federal Reserve, CFTC, FDIC, OCC, and SEC regarding the Volcker Rule. Our letter expresses appreciation for the Agencies’ goal to simplify and tailor the final regulations, describes why we support certain proposed modifications that would remove unnecessary barriers to […]

Private equity is helping to boost the returns of college endowments across the country – which helps these schools support students and educators. According to Bloomberg’s recent reporting on 2018 fiscal year returns: “Some of the best-performing endowments this year have reported gains driven by private equity and venture capital, which is boosting the case […]

There are over 4,700 private equity firms all over America, owning and building approximately 32,000 private companies. Recently, HMI Cardinal CEO Chris FitzGerald stopped by the American Investment Council (AIC) to discuss the value of private equity investment to companies like Cardinal. “Private equity will invest where there is an interesting business growth opportunity,” said […]