Last month, the American Investment Council released a new report examining how private credit has become a critical source of capital for businesses looking to expand and hire new workers. Today, Morning Consult published an op-ed from AIC President and CEO Drew Maloney discussing the findings of the report. Read the full op-ed at this link […]

As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month, the American Investment Council released a new video today featuring a conversation between Stacey Dion, Carlyle’s Head of Global Government Affairs and an AIC Board Member, and Meredith Siegfried Madden, CEO of NORDAM, a Carlyle portfolio company. AIC is proud to highlight NORDAM, a female-led aerospace manufacturing […]

Today, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) released a misleading report that threatens the retirements of teachers across America. The reality is that private equity has delivered strong returns that strengthen retirements for teachers in communities across our nation, including New York, Texas, and California.  Private equity firms work directly with teachers’ pensions and other […]