Private Equity is Helping Children with Autism

Private equity partnered with ABS Kids to help children with autism reach their fullest potential – with investment to bring life-changing treatment to more families and communities. 



Strengthening Pensions

In 2020, private equity continued to provide a strong return on investment, with a median annualized return of 12.3% over a 10-year period.

Economic Impact

The private equity industry and private equity-backed companies directly employed more than 11.7 million workers in the United States in 2020 and generated $1.4 trillion of gross domestic product (GDP), or approximately 6.5% of total GDP, according to a report by EY and the American Investment Council.

Top States & Districts

The American Investment Council released its annual Top States and Districts report, which ranks the country’s top twenty states and Congressional districts for 2020.

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Thanks to Private Equity, Pensions Across America Report Record-Breaking Returns
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Throughout the summer, pension funds across the country reported on their returns for the fiscal year 2021. As Chief Investment Officer Magazine recently reported “private equity is consistently the top-performing asset class” within many pensions’ portfolios. In fact, pensions in Nevada, Iowa, Florida, Tennessee, and Massachusetts reported annual returns from private equity of over...
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