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AIC Staff

Drew Maloney President & CEO
Brad Bailey Senior Vice President of Government Affairs
Emma Guitar Research Assistant
Jamal Hagler Vice President of Research
Yasmine Hamandi Office Manager
Negra Husikić Vice President of Finance & Operations
Dillon Iwu Director of Government Affairs
Brandy Jackson Director of Digital Strategy & Content
Sara Catherine Joseph Executive Assistant
Rebekah Goshorn Jurata General Counsel
Mike Lukso Vice President of Government Affairs
Emily Schillinger Senior Vice President of Public Affairs
Amy Selco Vice President of Membership, Marketing & Engagement


“Did You Know” How Private Equity Creates Value for Small Businesses?

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Klinsky: “The ability to have ‘service partners’ and ‘sweat equity’ … has been fundamental to American entrepreneurialism.”

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American Investment Council Launches New Video: Private Equity Secures Strong Returns for America’s Public Servants

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