AIC Announces Pam Hendrickson as New Vice Chair of the Board of Directors

Today, the American Investment Council (AIC) announced that Riverside Company Vice Chair Pam Hendrickson would serve as the first Vice Chair of the AIC’s Board of Directors. Since joining The Riverside Company as COO in 2006, Hendrickson has worked to help small businesses across the country grow, create jobs, and access capital. Hendrickson previously served on the American Investment Council’s Board of Directors:

We are thrilled to announce Pam Hendrickson as our new Vice Chair of the Board of Directors,” said AIC President and CEO Drew Maloney. “Pam knows firsthand how private equity builds better businesses, supports jobs and strengthens pensions for American workers in all 50 states.

In 2019, Hendrickson was named to the most influential women in mid-market M&A list by the Mergers and Acquisition publication. Prior to joining The Riverside Company, Hendrickson worked for 22 years at JP Morgan Chase.

Pam Hendrickson is the perfect choice for Vice Chair,” said AIC Chair of the Board Steve Klinsky. “Pam has extensive experience supporting small businesses at The Riverside Company and has worked closely with the AIC team for years educating policymakers and the public about the benefits of private equity.”

In an interview conducted by Hill TV last year, Hendrickson discussed her experience at Riverside investing in and building small businesses. “There are thousands of great stories about how patient capital and experiential or sector expertise, benefits companies,” said Pam Hendrickson. “At Riverside, we have investments in over a hundred companies worldwide. And our goal is always to help them get bigger and better because that’s how we generate returns for our investors. And to me, that’s what private equity is all about.”

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