AIC Announces Top States and Districts by Private Equity Investment











The numbers are in. Today, the American Investment Council (AIC) released its annual Top States and Districts Report, which ranks the country’s top twenty states and Congressional districts both in terms of total private equity capital and the number of companies receiving investment in 2019.

Private equity invested over $700 billion last year in diverse communities and industries across the country, helping to rescue, build, or grow 4,841 businesses. Private equity firms provided capital to a broad range of industries, from financial services and healthcare to technology and consumer businesses.

California led the way with $90 billion of new private equity investment in 656 companies. Texas placed second by both metrics with $75 billion invested in 529 companies. Florida($47 billion; 292), New York ($41 billion; 342), and Illinois ($35 billion; 233) rounded out the top five.

By Congressional district, New York’s 12th, represented by Rep. Carolyn Maloney, led the nation with more than $19 billion invested across 123 companies. The top 20 districts are spread across 15 states, reflecting the broad impact of private equity investment across the country.

Drew Maloney, President and CEO of The American Investment Council, released the following statement:

Our 2019 Top States and Districts Report underscores how private equity is unlocking critical capital in every state and Congressional district across the United States. The figures in this report are more than just numbers. They represent jobs, economic security, and well-being for millions of Americans.”

The full report, including rankings of the top 20 states and districts, is available here along with an accompanying video.