AIC Launches Ad Campaign: This Summer Looks a Lot Better Because of Private Equity Investment

WASHINGTON – This week, the American Investment Council launched a new ad campaign, running daily in POLITICO Playbook’s newsletter, demonstrating how private equity investments have helped American businesses, families, and communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ad campaign highlights how this summer looks a lot better because of private equity’s investments over the past year: millions of Americans were able to get vaccinated, beloved small businesses survived the pandemic and are thriving, and the travel industry is rebounding:

  • Millions of Americans Vaccinated: According to the Wall Street Journal, “private-equity portfolio companies have been involved in nearly every step” of getting people vaccinated against COVID-19.

  • Backing Small Businesses: AIC’s new report from EY shows that the majority of private equity investment in 2020 went to small businesses. Of all the businesses receiving private equity investment, 86 percent employed 500 or fewer workers and roughly a third employed just 10 workers or less. Private equity helped many of our favorite businesses – like Baskin Robbins, LegoLand, and BlackRock Coffee – get to the other side of the pandemic poised for new growth and job creation.

  • Supporting the Travel Industry: The travel industry is rebounding, thanks to private equity investment in companies like Airbnb, RVShare, and Expedia.

Most Americans probably don’t realize the role private equity has played in helping us return to our favorite local businesses, reunite with family and friends, or take a summer trip,” said AIC President & CEO Drew Maloney. “Last year, private equity made significant investments in the COVID-19 vaccine development and rollout. Private equity also invested in the travel industry and more than 13,000 small businesses to help them weather the economic crisis. This summer looks a lot better because of private equity.”

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