AIC Member Spotlight:
How Grain Management is Improving Infrastructure and Strengthening Pensions

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The American Investment Council (AIC) today released a video about how one of its newest members – Grain Management, LLC (Grain) – generates stronger returns for pension plans by investing in telecommunications infrastructure projects that are the backbone of our economy. Founded in 2007 by David Grain, the firm primarily focuses its investment strategy within the telecommunications sector, with a particular emphasis on broadband technology. As part of this strategy, Grain is dedicated to delivering strong returns for the pensions and retirees that they support, while simultaneously working to close the growing digital divide that exists between different parts of the country.

AIC President and CEO Drew Maloney talks about the importance of experienced industry voices telling the private equity story to policymakers in Washington.

“As I think about how the firm’s investments support public pension plans and retirees, I think in a very personal way about my parents,” said Founder and CEO David Grain. “My parents were both public servants—my mother was a schoolteacher, and my dad was a postal employee. And I take the mission very seriously as I manage the money for states and their retirees. It’s very personal for me and the mission matters.” 

Grain Management Founder and CEO David Grain discusses the importance of investing in America’s broadband networks to help close the country’s widening digital disparities.

“Private equity delivers the strongest returns of any investment option. These returns are critical for retirees like teachers, firefighters, and policemen who are dependent on these returns for a very comfortable retirement. Pension funds partner with firms like Grain because they have strong performance in delivering returns for their investors,” said AIC President and CEO Drew Maloney

The pandemic highlighted the need for greater broadband infrastructure, as people became more connected and reliant on broadband technology for work and school.

About Grain Management
Grain Management, LLC is a leading global investment firm that focuses on communications infrastructure and technology companies that connect the world to the information economy. Founded in 2007, the Firm employs a rigorous, data-based process buoyed by deep industry expertise to identify investment opportunities in key areas of digital infrastructure, including fiber networks, wireless spectrum, cell towers, and services businesses. For more information visit