New AIC Report Highlights Private Equity Investment Across the Country









WASHINGTON – The American Investment Council’s 2018 Top States and Districts Report shows the diverse communities across the country receiving significant private equity investment. Texas takes the top spot with $67 billion invested in 2017 and is followed closely by California ($66 billion) and New York ($52 billion), while Congressional districts New York 12 (Rep. Carolyn Maloney), Massachusetts 5 (Rep. Katherine Clark), and New York 10 (Rep. Jerrold Nadler) ranked highest on the top districts ranking.

“Our new Top States & Districts Report illustrates how the private equity industry is investing trillions of dollars in congressional districts all across the country. These investments in thousands of American companies have helped build better businesses, create jobs, and improve local communities,” said AIC Interim CEO and General Counsel Jason Mulvihill.

There are 4.9 million Americans who are employed by both small and large companies backed by private equity. Between 2012-2017, private equity investmented an estimated $3 trillion to grow American businesses. These U.S. companies spanned from coast to coast and every state in between. In fact, today there are currently about 32,000 American companies that are benefiting from private equity.

“Access to capital is a crucial benefit for companies that partner with private equity firms,” remarked Bronwyn Bailey, the AIC’s Vice President of Research and Investor Relations. “And private equity managers share invaluable expertise to implement new strategies that expand these companies’ footprints, improve operations, and increase revenues. Private equity firms are driven to add value to companies, and the result is that the industry helps build better businesses across the United States.”

Business to business companies (B2B) accounted for nearly a quarter of all private equity deals last year, while business to consumer (B2C), information technology, and energy companies made up about half of all deals combined.

There are more than 4,700 U.S. private equity firms making investments in all 50 states on behalf of institutional investors like public pension funds, endowments, and nonprofits.

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