American Investment Council Launches New Video: Private Equity Secures Strong Returns for America’s Public Servants

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This week, the American Investment Council launched a new video highlighting why over 30 million Americans trust private equity to deliver strong and secure retirements as part of a diverse portfolio.
The video features data from the American Investment Council’s (AIC) new 2022 Public Pension Study, which found that private equity investments delivered a median annualized return of 15 percent over a 10-year period for public pension funds across America last year. The study analyzed 176 U.S public pension funds, representing nearly 34 million public sector workers and retirees.
The 30-second video says:

“If I told you you could get a 15 percent return on your retirement, you’d take it right?
That’s why 30 million Americans trust private equity investments to deliver strong and secure retirements as part of a diverse portfolio, with the highest returns out of any investment option. 
PE’s investments benefit America’s hardworking teachers, firefighters, and public servants, so they can have the financial stability they need to enjoy their retirement. Private equity investments: strong, stable, secure, and smart.”


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