American Securities CEO on the Role of Middle Market Private Equity

Appearing on Bloomberg’s “Money Moves,” American Securities CEO Michael Fisch discusses the important role that mid-sized private equity firms play in the U.S. economy. Fisch’s firm invests exclusively in U.S.-based “traditional middle-American businesses.” By partnering with existing management, American Securities focuses “on buying really good companies run by really good men and women, and then try to work with them to help them be better.” “They know what they’re doing, and they’re doing it really, really well, but they just haven’t had money and time and some of the people to do some of the extra things that we help bring to them,” says Fisch.

With investors including pension funds and endowments, among others, Fisch says, “[t]here’s well-documented outperformance versus public markets for private equity. And so our investors just want us to keep doing what we’ve been doing, which is exclusively buying U.S.-based, mid-market companies, and they’re optimistic that we’ll be able to do well, as we have in the past.”