Bloomberg Businessweek Blog: What the Political World Should Know About Private Equity

Bloomberg politics blogger, Joshua Green, suggests that political reporters read Bloomberg Businessweek’s cover story on Private Equity.  Green predicts that private equity will be front and center in the presidential campaign given Mitt Romney’s tenure as CEO of private equity firm, Bain Capital.  Green recommends that political reporters take note of the piece to better understand how private equity strengthens companies and creates long-term value for portfolio companies.

“…Because of Mitt Romney’s tenure as chief executive of Bain Capital, and because, and it’s not inconceivable to imagine that the election itself could turn on how Americans ultimately come to view private equity.

“But few political reporters will do what Brendan did for his piece, which was to go and spend a week at a private equity “boot camp,” actually doing the job before writing about it, and coming away with a much more nuanced and persuasive account of what private equity firms—or at least what Monomoy Capital Partners, the firm he embedded with—actually do. Brendan spent a week at Heat Transfer Products Group in Scottsboro, Ala., a midsize company acquired by Monomoy in 2010 that makes parts for industrial refrigeration units.”

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