Growth Capital Committee Meeting

On Tuesday, July 14, the Council’s Growth Capital Committee held an organizational meeting at the offices of New Mountain Capital. The discussion centered on building the mission and re-focusing the scope of the Committee.

“This Committee will be instrumental in helping us tell the growth story that is a major part of private equity,” said Langston Emerson, VP of Government Affairs at the PEGCC. “We are in the planning stages of some exciting projects, and we are pleased by the positive momentum that has developed so far.”

During the meeting, led by Committee Chairman Steve Klinsky and the PEGCC’s Langston Emerson and Jennifer Colfelt, the Committee worked to create a robust agenda for the coming years. Several projects are currently under further consideration by the PEGCC staff and Committee members.

The Council is excited to revitalize the Growth Capital Committee and looks forward to working closely with Committee members. If you are a PEGCC member interested in becoming involved, please contact Langston Emerson or Jenn Colfelt.