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Investing in Medical Technologies that Improve Lives

By partnering with companies across the life sciences spectrum, private equity is building better businesses — providing financial support and strategic advice to develop innovative technologies and devices that benefit patients and improve lives.

The American Investment Council and Pitchbook recently released a new report, “Improving Medical Technologies: Private Equity’s Role in Life Sciences,” that showcases how private equity is playing an increasingly important role in the growth and continued strength of the life sciences industry.

  • In the last decade alone, private equity has invested $280 billion across more than 1,800 life sciences and medical device companies in the U.S.
  • Despite the economic effects of the pandemic, private equity continued to support life sciences and medical device companies, investing $36 billion and $55 billion, respectively, into each industry.
  • More than 900 health care device and supply companies have been supported by private equity firms in the last 10 years.

Learn about how private equity is providing support to specific life sciences and medical device companies that are improving people’s lives.

How Private Equity Supports Clinical Trials – Featuring Headlands Research in Portland, Oregon

Headlands Research is an innovative network of clinical trial sites. AIC recently visited a Headlands Research site in Portland, Oregon to learn how this private equity-backed company is profoundly changing the clinical trial process to emphasize scientific rigor, quality data, and diversity among patient populations.

“Headlands wouldn’t be where it is right now without the benefit of private equity, both from a capital perspective, but also just the resources and knowledge to build and grow,

Mark Blumling, CEO of Headlands Research.

How Private Equity Helps Personalize Health Care – Featuring Helix in San Diego, California

Helix is a population genomics company that is personalizing health care to improve health outcomes. This Warburg Pincus-backed company also mobilized its San Diego laboratories to conduct more than ten million COVID-19 tests since the onset of the pandemic.

Private equity was critical to helping Helix accomplish its mission. Having the capital to be able to expand the lab in the early days of the COVID pandemic enabled us to achieve our goals.”

Ed MacBean, Director of Business Development

How Private Equity is Improving Treatments for Blood Clot Patients – Featuring Anthos Therapeutics in Boston, Massachussets

Anthos Therapeutics is a Massachusetts-based biopharmaceutical company conducting late-stage clinical trials on an exciting new drug that has the potential to prevent blood clots. Blood clots, which lead to strokes and heart attacks, are responsible for 1 in 4 deaths in the United States. Backed by Blackstone Life Sciences, Anthos Therapeutics is pioneering a new treatment that could save millions of lives.

“Without the backing of private equity, this kind of drug at this stage of development would sit on the shelf and wouldn’t be possible.”

John Glasspool, CEO of Anthos Therapeutics.

How Private Equity is Helping Revolutionize Medical Devices – Featuring Cordis in Miami Lakes, Florida

Cordis is a global leader in developing cardiovascular devices. Partnering with Hellman & Friedman, a leading private equity firm, allows Cordis the freedom and independence to elevate its research, development, and production capabilities. Private equity is helping Cordis design, develop, and distribute more life-saving devices to more doctors and patients.

Having a private equity partner will allow Cordis to do more research and development. We are working on getting more tools into physicians’ hands so they can treat more patients.”

Emily Ferradaz, Senior Research And Development Engineer at Cordis.

Read the full report from the American Investment Council and Pitchbook: