Latest “AIC Insights” Webcast Illuminates The Deal Making Process

The Carlyle Group Managing Director Martin Sumner Describes the Process and Environment for Industrial Deals

WASHINGTON – The American Investment Council (AIC) released a new “AIC Insights” webcast today, featuring The Carlyle Group Managing Director Martin Sumner. The webcast delves into how a deal team evaluates companies and makes decisions, and shares several examples where Carlyle has created value.

“Our industrial team is looking for companies that can increase profits across various economic cycles in order to generate the best returns for our investors,” said Sumner. “We seek businesses that are well-positioned in stable to growing markets, but we also ask ourselves what we as Carlyle can do differently than the previous owner.”

Sumner’s insight into finding deals and structuring businesses to succeed illustrates the sweat equity that deal teams deliver to each and every portfolio company. He also describes Carlyle’s collaborative environment that brings together experts across six continents.

“The power of Carlyle is our One Carlyle approach,” Sumner explains. “When my team is doing due diligence or working to make our companies better we are able to access business partners and opportunities around the world. As an employee, the One Carlyle approach has helped me do my job more efficiently and effectively.”

Sumner highlights a few of his team’s best success stories, sharing why they targeted companies, how they strategized for growth, and what limited partners gained from the investments. He also expressed confidence for the future of industrial deals, noting that despite high valuations there are still opportunities for growth in the industry.

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