New “AIC Insights” Webcast Focuses on Tax Reform and Private Equity

Private Equity Tax Priorities and Activities are Reviewed

WASHINGTON – The American Investment Council (AIC) released its latest “AIC Insights” webcast today, focused on tax reform state-of-play. The AIC’s General Counsel Jason Mulvihill is the featured speaker, and he focuses on two tax policy issues critical for private equity: Carried interest capital gains and interest deductibility.

“The tax reform landscape has been an evolving picture since the Trump administration took office,” said Mulvihill. “Despite the uncertainty, lawmakers and administration officials have been working, largely behind the scenes, to put together a tax reform package.”

The newest in the AIC’s webcast series, “Private Equity Tax Priorities” highlights that carried interest capital gains and interest deductibility are fundamental parts of our tax code, and that both policies should be preserved if the goal of tax reform is to be pro-growth and simpler and fairer for businesses.

“While the private equity industry supports pro-growth tax reform, we want to ensure that essential existing measures that encourage growth and investments are not thrown out simply in the name of reform,” remarked Mulvihill. “As a first principle, tax reform should do no harm in the effort to transform the economy.”

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