New Video: Hill TV’s Investing in America Interview Series – AIC President & CEO Drew Maloney

Washington, D.C. – Today, the American Investment Council (AIC) released the first video in a new series of interviews conducted by Hill TV examining how private equity investments are supporting businesses and workers across America. The first video features AIC President and CEO Drew Maloney, who discusses the American Investment Council’s newTop States and Districts Report and highlights which communities received the most private equity investment:

[Private equity] supports 8 million jobs, 35,000 American companies and strengthens millions of pension retirement plans around the country.” said AIC President and CEO Drew Maloney. “We invest in every sector of America, whether it’s energy, retail or restaurants, every sector in the economy gets private equity investment dollars.”

Maloney also discussed some of the misconceptions of the private equity industry, pointing out, “most of the investments we make are in small and medium sized businesses.” With the 2020 election quickly approaching, Maloney also discussed how the AIC is working to highlight the key role that private equity investments play in towns and communities across the country, “whether you’re grabbing a cup of coffee at Dunkin, whether you’re taking an Uber to work or you’re grabbing lunch at Panera bread, maybe you stop by the True Value hardware store or you spend the night at a Hilton Hotel, all of these businesses were supported by private equity.”

Maloney’s interview with The Hill is the first in a new series of videos which will feature experts with first-hand knowledge of how private equity supports American businesses, workers and public pension beneficiaries.

Watch the full interview here.

Read the AIC’s recently released 2019 Top States and Districts Report here.