New Video: Hill TV’s Investing in America Interview Series – Signify Health CEO Kyle Armbrester

Washington, D.C. – Today, the American Investment Council (AIC) released the fourth and final video in a new series of interviews conducted by Hill TV examining how private equity investments are supporting businesses and workers across America. Today’s video features Signify Health CEO Kyle Armbrester who discusses his company’s relationship with private equity firm New Mountain Capital and Signify’s efforts to expedite and expand COVID-19 testing capabilities:

New Mountain has been a fantastic partner for us since day one,” said Signify Health CEO Kyle Armbrester. “New Mountain has taken the time and invested operationally from a business model standpoint and with our strategy to know exactly what we needed to be successful … Our ability to go out and make an impact in the field was really based upon New Mountain helping to push along our ability to connect supply and demand with our clinical force.”

Armbrester also discussed how Signify Health, which employs 9,000 doctors, nurses and social workers, joined a White House task force back in March to rapidly build out the nation’s COVID testing capabilities, “we were honored to be called a really early on by the White House to come join on to the COVID Task Force team. We were in the Rose Garden with numerous others, CEOs and senior leaders of some of the top healthcare logistics and retail companies in the country. What we brought that I think was unique was that nationwide clinical field force that we’ve built out over the last decade. And we were honored to be testing out in the field.”

Armbrester’s interview with The Hill is the fourth and final in a series of videos featuring experts with first-hand knowledge of how private equity supports American businesses, workers and public pension beneficiaries.

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