New Video: How Private Equity Supports Clinical Trials – Featuring Headlands Research in Portland, Oregon

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The American Investment Council released the first video in a series that highlights how private equity is investing in the life sciences sector. AIC recently visited a Headlands Research site in Portland, Oregon to learn how this KKR-backed company is profoundly changing the clinical trial process to emphasize scientific rigor, quality data, and diversity among patient populations.

This new video series explores how private equity investments in the life sciences are advancing the development of medical technologies and improving life for everyone.

“Headlands wouldn’t be where it is right now without the benefit of private equity, both from a capital perspective, but also just the resources and knowledge to build and grow,” said Mark Blumling, CEO of Headlands Research.

Blumling recently joined Drew Maloney, President and CEO of the AIC, for an event with Punchbowl News to highlight the role of private capital in investing in small businesses and communities coming out of the pandemic.

In March, the American Investment Council and Pitchbook released a new report, “Improving Medical Technologies: Private Equity’s Role in Life Sciences,” that showcases how private equity is playing an increasingly important role in the growth and continued strength of the life sciences industry. In the last decade alone, private equity has invested $280 billion across more than 1,800 life sciences and medical device companies in the U.S.