New Video: Human Resource Professionals Highlight How Private Equity Benefits Employees

Private Equity Investments Fuel Enhanced 401(k) Programs, Parental Leave Policies, and Expanded Healthcare Benefits

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the American Investment Council released a new video featuring on camera testimonials from human resource professionals about the positive impact private equity has had on workers’ benefits for employees at certain portfolio companies. The new video will run on AIC’s website and digital platforms nationwide.

  • “With the support of private equity our employees have access to far more resources and benefits,” said Loc Performance Vice President of Human Resources Margee Kaczmarek. “We’ve been able to offer employee benefits that are tailored specifically for their jobs and lives, and that would not be possible without the capital and network that private equity provides”
  • “Private equity partnered with us to allow us to save 10 percent on our medical plan, which we were able to repurpose for our new parental leave policy for our employees,” said UNISON Vice President of Talent Management Raelene Wagoner. 

The video features interviews with executives and employees at companies that have experienced growth and improved benefits thanks to private equity investment. From increased 401(k) contributions and new healthcare options to expanded parental leave policies, the video showcases the many ways in which private equity has supported and enhanced the well-being of employees at companies of all sizes.

  • “This video is a testament to the positive impact private equity investments have on workplace benefits in a range of companies across America,” said AIC President and CEO Drew Maloney

To hear firsthand about private equity’s role in expanding employee benefits, please watch the new video here.