New Video: Private Equity Improving Health Care Across America










Private equity-backed businesses are working every day to improve access to affordable health care in the United States and defeat the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, private equity invested more than $79 billion in U.S. health care. These investments funded medical data networks to support research, launched new programs to help businesses and schools safely re-open, and created new technology to speed up the processing of COVID-19 testing.

Click here to watch a new video examining how private equity is improving health care all across America.

Last week, the American Investment Council released an extensive look into how private equity is supporting America’s health care system. Copied below are just a few highlights from the release:

KKR-backed WebMD combats vaccine misinformation – In February 2021, KKR-backed health information provider WebMD announced the launch of its Covid-19 Vaccine Misinformation Center, which will help combat vaccine inaccuracies. The center will provide information, online tools, and fact-checked resources to ensure that users make informed decisions driven by science. “While reports show increasing receptivity to getting a Covid vaccine, about 1 in 5 Americans still say they are not planning to get one, or would only if required,” said John Whyte, MD, WebMD’s Chief Medical Officer.

Carlyle-backed One Medical administers vaccine doses and helps businesses safely re-open – In April, Carlyle-backed One Medical, a leading digital health and primary care organization, launched a new program designed to support employers as they migrate workforces back into shared working environments. The program includes workplace safety design, protocols, best practices and a comprehensive screening and testing plan. The program was designed by One Medical’s team of public health experts, practicing physicians and leading epidemiologists and immunology specialists. In January, One Medical began administering vaccine doses to at-risk populations in New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. One Medical has also offered complimentary telehealth services to follow up with patients who have received the vaccine.

New Mountain Capital-backed Careismatic Brands supports frontline nurses – In September, New Mountain Capital-backed Careismatic Brands, the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of medical apparel, launched a global campaign and fundraising effort to honor and support nurses fighting on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. This 19 Days of Gratitude campaign showcases frontline nurses from around the world over 19 consecutive days. Proceeds from the campaign will go to the DAISY Foundation, which is the leading international organization for nursing recognition.