PEGCC President Steve Judge Promotes PE at Work on CNBC and Bloomberg

Private Equity Growth Capital Council President and CEO Steve Judge appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box and Bloomberg’s Money Moves today to discuss the private equity industry and the PEGCC’s Private Equity at Work campaign.

Judge set out to set the record straight on what private equity does and how it benefits investors and companies across the U.S. Appearing this morning on Squawk Box, Judge told the hosts, “[private equity] invested $144 billion into the economy last year. We build companies, we make them stronger and as a result the economy grows.” Later in the afternoon, Judge told Money Moves host Deirdre Bolton, “The goal of private equity, the fundamental purpose behind private equity, is to make stronger, more competitive, more valuable companies, and at the end of the private equity ownership of the company, it’s going to be worth more than when they bought it.”

See clips from each interview below.