Private Equity and Politics

PEGCC President and CEO Steve Judge recently spoke with David Snow of Privcap about how the private equity community has worked to educate reporters, policy makers and the public by providing them with real facts about the industry to balance the hyperbole of the presidential election. Judge explains that the most hyperbolic attacks may have already occurred but that there is certain to be sustained attacks against private equity up until November. Private Equity at Work will continue to introduce content that shines a light on private equity’s goal of strengthening companies.

Private Equity at Work was designed to educate new audiences about private equity while cutting through political rhetoric. The private equity “Success Stories” page features short videos about companies that received PE investment and were able to thrive as a result. Private Equity at Work also features educational content about the private equity business model. Watch our “What is Private Equity” video for a simple breakdown of how private equity invests.