Private Equity Invests in Community Safety

A new video by the Private Equity Growth Capital Council (PEGCC) showcases how Florida-based Emergency Communications Network (ECN) was able to grow and innovate thanks to a partnership with private equity firm The Riverside Company.

A high-speed outbound notification service, ECN disseminates updates and alerts to affected communities when disasters strike. From working with law enforcement to locate missing persons to communicating with officials during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, communities across the world depend on ECN to provide real-time updates during emergency situations.

“What private equity has brought to the table for ECN is the outside perspective, the collective knowledge of people who have been there, done that many times, financial backing to get the job done, and you’re looking at resources beyond what you can do on your own,” said ECN President David DiGiacomo. “Through the partnership with private equity, we’ve been able to expand faster than we ever could have done on our own, which clearly made us the market leader in emergency notification systems.”

With operational expertise from The Riverside Company, ECN was able to expand its business and staff, and offer new, innovative solutions to the communities the company serves. The Riverside Company led ECN through four strategic acquisitions in order to expand its capabilities and footprint across the country.

“Private equity invests in companies of all shapes and sizes that play important roles in our lives every day. ECN is a great example of private equity investing in and growing a company that doesn’t just provide a crucial service to communities across the country, but saves lives and keeps people safe along the way,” said Steve Judge, PEGCC president and CEO. “Over the last ten years, private equity has invested roughly $3.6 trillion, helping companies like ECN expand their operations to ensure that more people have access to the services they provide.”

“ECN’s a business that we’re proud to own. It positively impacts people’s lives every day across the U.S.,” said Chris Jones, partner at The Riverside Company. “ECN’s a great example of why private equity works.”

See the full video below.