Private Equity is Smaller Than You Think

New Phase of AIC Campaign “Smaller, Smaller, Smaller” Highlights How Private Equity Supports Small Businesses Across America

This week, the American Investment Council unveiled the newest phase of our campaign spotlighting private equity’s crucial role in supporting small businesses across the United States. The “Smaller, Smaller, Smaller” phase highlights how private equity investment fuels the development of even the tiniest startups, driving innovation and contributing to economic growth.
This initiative is part of an ongoing digital campaign leveraging platforms from premium Connected TV (CTV) to social media. It highlights the positive impact of private equity on small businesses through videos, displays, and educational resources, all designed to invite viewers to explore the profound positive influence private equity investment has on small businesses.
In April 2023, the AIC and EY released a report that shows how many small businesses receive private equity investment:

  • In 2022, the median private equity-backed business employed just 69 workers.
  • Approximately 85 percent of private equity-backed businesses were small businesses that employed less than 500 workers.