Private Equity is Smaller Than You Think 

New AIC Video Highlights How Private Equity Supports Small Businesses Across America, Including Wellness Pet Company 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The American Investment Council is launching a new campaign aimed at promoting the benefits of private equity investment for small businesses across the United States.  Private equity has a strong record of supporting small businesses and driving economic growth. 62% of investments made by private equity are in small businesses, providing them with the capital and guidance they need to grow and expand. The new campaign from AIC will include a range of materials, including video, displays, and educational resources. 
The advertisement specifically highlights Wellness Pet Company, a portfolio company invested in by Clearlake Capital, that provides premium natural food, treats, and supplements for dogs and cats.  Two Wellness Pet employees recently explained how private equity has benefited their company:

Heather Gadon, Global Vice President of People & Engagement, explained how private equity management helped grow their team and strengthened their networks:  

  • “We’ve added significant headcount in several of our groups, including the Global Operations group, as well as in our Commercial functions, like our Marketing team. With the support of private equity, we have in turn invested in training of our people, hiring of top talent in growth areas like e-commerce, and marketing aimed at attracting and retaining next generation pet parent consumers. In addition, we have access to other operating companies within the private equity firm so we can tap into their networks for best practices and brainstorming of new ideas as we look to drive innovation.”  

Colm Geraghty, Global Vice President of Operations, explained how private equity quickly helped the company invest in a new factory, in addition to investing in new and updated equipment at existing factories:  

  • “I’ve really enjoyed the nature of private equity in terms of the nimble, forward-looking nature and growth mindset. We’ve been able to make quick decisions and invest in high value opportunities as a result. For example, we had three factories when we started with private equity, and thanks to this support, we were able to expand our operations and together have acquired a fourth factory that will enhance our product innovation and production scale.”

Wellness Pet is just one of thousands of small businesses across America that is stronger today because of private equity. Many of the everyday products and services known and loved by consumers are supported by private equity firms. From agriculture to technology, to healthcare and beyond – private equity is smaller than one might think, but its impact is bigger than imaginable.