Private Equity Supports Georgia

Private equity-backed businesses employ millions of Americans and bolster the retirement of public servants across the country, including fire fighters, teachers, police officers, and first responders in all 50 states. As the 2020 presidential election unfolds, the AIC is highlighting the positive economic impact the private equity industry has in America, and its benefit to workers and businesses in early primary and caucus states.

This week, the Democratic National Committee holds its fifth primary debate in Atlanta, Georgia. Our new video demonstrates the strong support the private equity industry offers the Georgia economy.

  • Investment: Private equity invested more than $109 billion in Georgia-based businesses from 2013-2018.
  • Jobs: Private equity-backed businesses based in Georgia employ more than 250,000 workers.
  • Businesses: Private equity investments supported 900 businesses based in Georgia from 2013-18.
  • Retirement: Private equity strengthens the pension funds of Georgia public servants.
  • Investing in America: There are currently 8.8 million Americans who are employed by 35,000 private equity-backed businesses across America. Between 2013-18, private equity invested an estimated $3.4 trillion to help these American businesses grow.

Watch our previous videos which illustrate how private equity supports jobs, businesses, and public pensions in OhioMichigan, Florida, and Texas.


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