PROFILE VIDEOS: Learn How Two PE Backed Companies are Helping First Responders and Health Care Workers










The private equity industry and its portfolio companies are proactively stepping up to help communities and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, the American Investment Council released two new videos highlighting how private equity-backed businesses are supporting first responders and health care workers fighting on the frontlines:

GoHealth (TPG)
TPG Growth-backed GoHealth, and their network of more 150 urgent care centers across 10 states, has been on the frontlines to help stem the spread of COVID-19 by testing earlier and faster.  The company is also providing much needed relief to the hospitals and emergency departments in COVID hot-spots around the country. GoHealth provided testing infrastructure for New York State’s mobile COVID-19 testing site in New Rochelle, became the first to conduct in-vehicle testing in North Carolina, and have rolled out a robust virtual visit service across their platform.

Bentley (Riverside)
Riverside-backed Bentley Laboratories, which traditionally produces cosmetics, has shifted its production lines to manufacture hand sanitizer. Bentley has pledged to fill more than 9,000 units of hand sanitizer for local first responders and health care workers in New Jersey. More than 600 units of hand sanitizer have also been provided to the companies’ 97 employees.

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