Riverside COO Explains the Role of Private Equity

On Monday, Riverside Company Chief Operating Officer Pam Hendrickson penned an op-ed for CNBC.com clarifying the role of private equity in helping small businesses access capital – a function which many people don’t fully understand, she says.

Hendrickson highlights the value that private equity provides to the businesses in which they invest by combining “the nimbleness of an entrepreneur with the deep resources normally available only to Fortune 500 companies.” Specifically, Hendrickson expands on key resources that private equity provides to companies, including:

  • Bringing operating experts to the table;
  • Providing training opportunities to share best practices;
  • International expansion;
  • Valuable business connections; and
  • Purchasing power, which helps control costs.


Hendrickson closes by noting that, “I am a passionate advocate of the industry because I’ve seen it work again and again. Private equity and the companies in which we invest thrive by applying all kinds of equity—intellectual and otherwise.”

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