Small Business Saturday: Private Equity is Smaller Than You Think

New AIC Video “The Common Factor” Highlights How Private Equity Supports Small Businesses Across America

WASHINGTON D.C. – On Small Business Saturday, the American Investment Council is launching the latest video in its ongoing campaign examining how private equity investment supports tens of thousands of small businesses throughout the United States. 

As shown in “The Common Factor”, 85% of investments made by private equity support small businesses, providing them with the capital and guidance they need to grow and thrive. The ongoing campaign from AIC includes videos, displays, and educational resources airing on digital platforms nationwide. 

The latest video features YumEarth Candy, a portfolio company invested in by The Riverside Company. YumEarth Candy crafts products from organic ingredients, free from the top eight allergens. Many of the products and services Americans know and love are supported by private equity. From an egg farmer in Indiana, to a tech company that sends rockets into space, to allergy free, organic candy and beyond – private equity is smaller than you think, but its impact is bigger than you can imagine.

Click here to view the first video in this campaign, which examines how private equity supports Wellness Pet Company. 

For more information on the campaign and the benefits of private equity investment for small businesses, visit