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231 Private Equity Backed Companies in Maryland

213,000 Employees at PE-Backed Companies

$12.09 Billion Invested in 2020

95 Private Equity Firms in Maryland

Private Equity Across America

Private equity invests in businesses across the country, improving the lives of millions of Americans each day. If you just look at your own community, you’ll see private equity firms investing in companies and small businesses that need capital to keep their doors open, create new jobs, and grow their footprint.

Millions of Americans also benefit directly from the positive returns private equity routinely provides to its investors. In fact, the largest investors in private equity are public pension funds, meaning teachers, firefighters, and other public employees are the biggest beneficiaries of private equity.

Private equity helps companies grow, saves local jobs, and boosts the retirement savings of millions of Americans.

Private Equity Success Stories

Private equity ownership has helped thousands of American companies write their success stories. Learn how the brands you know were strengthened by private equity.

Dollar General

“As for Dollar General, it has grown since its leveraged buyout… Earnings have soared from $138 million in 2006 to $953 million in 2012, while sales have climbed from $9.2 billion to $16 billion. And the stock [went] up 137 percent [after] its relisting.”

– Reuters

Hilton Hotels

“When Blackstone bought the chain in what was then the largest hotel buyout ever, Hilton’s brand lacked the panache of some rivals. Today, the company has 4,000 hotels, and about 1,000 in the pipeline, with the majority being built outside the US.”

– The Financial Times

Dunkin Donuts

“[Private equity] changed the management team and imposed a service-oriented culture so the Danish and muffin lovers could move through the line faster. They expanded the number of stores in the United States and overseas… Then the new owners dovetailed the whole thing with an amped-up marketing campaign called ‘America Runs on Dunkin’.”

– The Washington Post

Service King

“Service King, which is based in Dallas, has grown substantially under Carlyle’s ownership, from 47 locations in Texas to 177 locations in 20 states… Blackstone plans to continue the expansion strategy, which includes making acquisitions. The goal is to improve customer service and promote trust by creating a national chain.”

– The New York Times

Yankee Candle

“Yankee Candle has demonstrated clear growth under Madison Dearborn’s ownership. Net sales fell slightly to $681 million in 2009 but have grown every year since, rising to $844 million in 2012. Adjusted EBITDA also grew from $180 million in 2009 to $206 million in 2012.”

– Private Equity International

To learn more about how private equity investment is leading to growth and opportunity across America, please visit some of our member companies’ websites.