Women’s History Month: AIC Board Member Stacey Dion Talks with NORDAM CEO Meredith Siegfried Madden

As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month, the American Investment Council released a new video today featuring a conversation between Stacey Dion, Carlyle’s Head of Global Government Affairs and an AIC Board Member, and Meredith Siegfried Madden, CEO of NORDAM, a Carlyle portfolio company.

AIC is proud to highlight NORDAM, a female-led aerospace manufacturing and repair firm thriving with private equity investment. Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, NORDAM is one of the largest independently-owned aerospace companies in the world.

CEO Meredith Siegfried Madden on how private equity has helped her business continue to thrive in the changing aerospace industry:

“Going through a worldwide pandemic that hasn’t been seen in a hundred years, I would so much rather go through this with such a strong partner than alone. And I think it’s given our customers a lot of confidence that we will withstand this situation. Obviously aerospace has been hit inordinately hard and I have this partner, Carlyle, who is going to help us weather the storm.”

On her advice to female engineers considering a career in aerospace:

“I think there’s an incredible opportunity for a young lady to come into the industry, to use her skills, to stand out. And there’s plenty of ladies that you can look to and see that in our industry.”

Watch the full interview here.