New Video: Private Equity is Helping Personalize Health Care

Featuring Helix in San Diego, CA

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the American Investment Council released the second video in a series highlighting how private equity is investing in the life sciences. This video features Helix, a population genomics company that is personalizing health care to improve health outcomes. This Warburg Pincus-backed company also mobilized its San Diego laboratories to conduct more than ten million COVID-19 tests since the onset of the pandemic.

“Today when you go see your physician, they have a general assessment of you, but in the future with population genomics, they’re really gonna be able to personalize your care for you in particular.” said James Lu, CEO & Co-Founder of Helix.

This new video series explores how private equity investments in the life sciences are advancing the development of medical technologies and improving life for everyone.

For me private equity is the chance to take really, really smart people to solve very, very difficult problems and find a solution that you can scale and make a lot of people benefit from,” said Marc Laurent, VP of Partnerships and Operations.

Private equity was critical to helping Helix accomplish its mission. Having the capital to be able to expand the lab in the early days of the COVID pandemic enabled us to achieve our goals,” said Ed MacBean, Director of Business Development.

Learn more about how private equity is investing in medical technologies that improve lives by watching the first video in this series, featuring Headlands Research.