Study affirms the key role private equity plays in creating jobs and increasing productivity The Financial Times  By Drew Maloney, AIC President and CEO October 15, 2019 Javier Espinoza, in “PE takeovers lead to job losses, study finds” (October 7), draws too narrow a conclusion from a recent paper from professors Josh Lerner and Steve […]

A new report by researchers at Harvard University and the University of Chicago affirms just how essential private equity investments are to countless businesses that are looking to grow. According to the study, employment grew by 13 percent when private equity investors bought a privately-owned company and by 10 percent when one private equity fund bought a […]

Houston, TX – The private equity industry employs millions of Americans and provides a secure retirement for first responders, schoolteachers and dedicated public servants in all 50 states. Leading up to the 2020 presidential election, the American Investment Council is highlighting how private equity helps workers and businesses in early primary and caucus states. With the […]