In February 2021, a working paper from March 2020 was republished about the level of care provided at private equity-backed nursing homes, a critical issue impacting our seniors and many of society’s most vulnerable populations. This working paper — which has not been peer-reviewed or subject to review by the National Bureau of Economic Research […]

                  Private equity-backed businesses are working every day to improve access to affordable health care in the United States and defeat the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, private equity invested more than $79 billion in U.S. health care. These investments funded medical data networks to support research, launched […]

What is a dividend recapitalization? Some privately owned businesses issue new debt to pay a special dividend to their shareholders. Many take this step to pay investors a dividend without draining existing revenue. The distributions are shared with limited partners (investors, such as pension funds or university endowments), often reducing their exposure to the underlying […]