WASHINGTON – The American Investment Council’s Q1 2018 Performance Update shows that private equity returns surpassed public markets across the 1-, 3-, 5-, and 10-year horizon benchmarks. Private equity’s largest outperformance came at the 1-year benchmark, where it had 2.4 percent higher median returns at 14.4 percent.                     The […]

The private equity industry employs millions of Americans and provides a secure retirement for schoolteachers, police officers, and other pension holders. The American Investment Council is now highlighting specific cities that benefit directly from private equity investment. This month, our spotlight is on Denver:                       […]

National Public Radio’s (NPR) popular How I Built This podcast series highlights nearly a hundred entrepreneurs and business owners who have transformed an innovative idea into a successful business. Throughout this podcast series, many of the innovators and entrepreneurs talk with host Guy Raz about how private equity investment helped them grow their businesses, hire new employees, […]