ABS Kids, based in California, helps children with autism reach their fullest potential through Applied Behavior Analysis therapy. Partnering with private equity has allowed the company to bring this life-changing treatment to even more families and communities. Private equity helped ABS Kids navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, hire more clinical staff, invest in its existing workforce, […]

Throughout the summer, pension funds across the country reported on their returns for the fiscal year 2021. As Chief Investment Officer Magazine recently reported “private equity is consistently the top-performing asset class” within many pensions’ portfolios. In fact, pensions in Nevada, Iowa, Florida, Tennessee, and Massachusetts reported annual returns from private equity of over 60%. […]

Measure in federal budget package poses a threat to private capital September 8, 2021 | By  Carl Amos Johnson Every year, thousands of service members transition from military to civilian life with dreams of starting down a new career path and, for some, opening their own business. Their experience serving our country provides veterans with a […]