Today, The Hill published the following op-ed from Drew Maloney of the American Investment Council and Brett Palmer of the Small Business Investor Alliance.                   “Sauk Rapids, Minn., probably isn’t the first place people associate with private equity, but it’s one of the thousands of communities across […]

Public pension managers across our country choose private equity investment because it outperforms other asset classes and is a responsible way to diversify their portfolio. By delivering median 10-year annualized returns of over 8.6%, the private equity industry is strengthening the pensions of public sector workers across America. Here’s a quick look at coverage from only the […]

On Wednesday, October 17th, the American Investment Council submitted the letter of comment to officials at the Federal Reserve, CFTC, FDIC, OCC, and SEC regarding the Volcker Rule. Our letter expresses appreciation for the Agencies’ goal to simplify and tailor the final regulations, describes why we support certain proposed modifications that would remove unnecessary barriers to […]